RockīnīRoll - Literatur

Sorry, but this list of published literature about acrobatic Rock'n'Roll contains only german titles. Maybe in the future I might be able to add some english titles (see note at the bottom of this page).
+Handbuch für Rock'n'Roll
Sandra Kirch. Meyer & Meyer Verlag, gebunden, 189 Seiten, 1995, ISBN 3-89124-256-5
+Richtig Rock'n'Roll tanzen
Gertrude Krombholz & Peter Haag. Paperback, 127 Seiten, 3. Auflage 1986, ISBN 3-405-12059-4
+Rock'n'Roll im Bild
Heinrich Meyer. Eigenverlag, Paperback, 264 Seiten, 1979, ISBN 3-9800599-0-1
+So tanzt man Rock'n'Roll
Wolfgang Steuer. Falken Verlag, Paperback, 159 Seiten, 1995, ISBN 3-8068-1508-9
Bennie Huismann & Gerard Huismann. RoRoRo Sport, Paperback, 189 Seiten, 1988, ISBN 3-499-18628-4
*Internationalisierung der Rock'n'Roll Akrobatik - Marketingstrategien für die USA
Dr. Robert Pomberger, 136 Seiten, 38 Abb., 16 Tab., may be ordered from the author directly. Further information can be found at Robert Pombergers WWW-Pages:

+ = Rock'n'Roll, * = related topics.
This listing is not complete at all. Especially english literature is missing. If you would like to add a titel or give a short comment on a listed book, I would appreciate your mail to

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