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Success story continues:

Vialová/Kolb are World Champions 2002

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A class for itself

Already with the World Masters in Munich Katerina Fialová and Roman Kolb had shown that they presently dominate the Rock'n'Roll world elite. Easy, cleanly danced and with much charme they were able to win the tournament in the Circus Crone building. And now they defended their world champion title successfully in Karlsruhe! Congratulations!

Carlo Estevez and Sandie Lillie-Palette (France) made the second place before Cristophe Payan and Diane Eonin (also France). Best German couple was Andre Di Giovanni and Meike Lameli at place 8.

The World Championships on TV:
+ Sa, 14. Dezember 2002, 16:00h, Südwest - Rock'n'Roll Weltmeisterschaft aus Karlsruhe

More Information (only in german) can be found at:
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